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Superfly.fm ist die Online Plattform fuer den unabhängigen Wiener Radiosender 98.3 Superfly und liefert Berichte über Lifestyle und Kultur, insbesondere Musik, sowie Gesellschaft, Sport, Politik und Wirtschaft mit Schwerpunkt Wien. Superfly.fm bietet Ergänzungen, weiterführende Informationen sowie Serviceinformationen zum Programm des Wiener Senders 98.3 Superfly und dient diesem zu Marketingzwecken. Radio Superfly is ‘Your Soul Radio’ on a mission to spread love, beauty and ease through the gift of music. The station is named after one of the greatest songs of soul legend Curtis Mayfield and delivers a new and unique musical concept: ‘Soulful Tunes From The Past, Present And Future’. An eclectic music archive full of diamonds and pearls, a comprehensive background knowledge within the DJ Scene, blended with passion and emotion, creates the grass roots of Radio Superfly. The result is an exhilarant and diversified mix of Soul, Funk, Jazz, Disco, Latin and Electronic Music, which provides universal listening pleasure.

Country: Austria
Geners: R'n'B

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